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Skidmore and Scudamore Families in North America

17th-20th centuries

Most of today’s US Skidmore families are descended from Thomas Skidmore who came from WESTERLEIGH, GLOUCESTERSHIRE to Boston, Massachusetts by 1636.

His descendants can be found in the book

Thomas Skidmore (Scudamore), 1605-1684, of Westerleigh, Gloucestershire, and Fairfield, Connecticut, his ancestors, and descendants to the ninth generation.

by Warren Skidmore

‘The Skidmore (Scidmore) family chronicled here were largely Long Islanders. Well into the nineteenth century most of the posterity of Thomas Skidmore (1605 1684) lived within 50 miles of Manhattan on Long Island, to include Fairfield County, Connecticut and Dutchess County, New York. The family was in Kent County, Delaware, by 1692. Joseph Skidmore of this branch went first to Maryland and then in 1749 to what became Pendleton County, West Virginia, and John Scidmore took his four sons by 1775 to Saratoga County, New York, on the northern extremity of the American frontier. Two families of Loyalists fled to New Brunswick in 1783 but came back to the States soon after when life there proved difficult. By and large the rest of the family remained to cultivate their acres in Suffolk, Queens, and Fairfield Counties’.

16 Occasional Papers, of relevance to descendants of Thomas Skidmore of Westerleigh, were written by Warren Skidmore since the publication of the 2006 CD.

These, together with a number of other articles pertaining to this family line,

can be seen here.

A considerably smaller US family descends from the brothers Henry and Thomas Skidmore of RICKMANSWORTH, HERTFORDSHIRE, who came together to Kent County, Delaware in 1668. They were sons of Abraham Skidmore.

Their descendants are described in the book

The Skidmore Family of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, and of Rickmansworth Plantation in Kent County, Delaware, with an account of their descendants in New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, and the West (Fourth edition, 2006) by Warren Skidmore and William F. (Frank) Skidmore.

Henry's posterity went largely to Yadkin County, North Carolina, and are now numerous in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, and the west.

For a revision of the origins of these brothers, and for descendants in England, see

Notes on the Skydmore Era at Burnham, Buckinghamshire, 2010, by Warren Skidmore.

3 further Occasional Papers of relevance to descendants of Henry & Thomas Skidmore of Rickmansworth  were written by Warren Skidmore since the publication of the 2006 CD.

These can be seen here.

See also

John  Skidmore of Harlan County, Kentucky, by William  F. Skidmore and Holly Fee (1987).



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