Skidmore and Scudamore

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Our surname  - a few statistics.

Here are some figures from the 1851 UK census

which are representative of the UK then and now.

The picture in the US is different.

Number of persons with each surname

80% Skidmore

15% Scudamore

3% Skitmore

6:1 Skidmore:Scudamore

In 1851 in the UK 1763 people bore one of the names shown in the graph opposite.

All bear a common descent as explained in the pages headed Principal Branches on this site.

These are the numbers in each family line:

Descendants of REGINALD

   Wellow, Bath and Frome                  45   Scudamore

   Derbyshire                                     335  Skidmore

   Westerleigh & Frampton Cotterell   174  Skidmore

Descendants of WALTER

   Herefordshire                                126  Scudamore

   Burnham                                         20  Skidmore

   Warwickshire                                  33  Skidmore

   Oxfordshire                                     66 Skidmore/ Skitmore

UNLINKED to Reginald or Walter

   Kingswinford (Black Country)           706  Skidmore

   Cornwall                                          43   Skidmore

   Norfolk                                            37   Skitmore

   Canterbury                                      32   Scudamore

   Other smaller lines together             34   Scudamore

UNKNOWN presently

   Skidmore                                         61

   Scudamore                                       22