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From the 12th - 16th centuries, where written documents have survived, the name is found

almost invariably as SKYDMORE (pronounced Skidmore).

Thereafter the form SCUDAMORE increases in frequency with the fashion of adopting ‘frenchified’ forms of surnames in Tudor times.

Before written forms of surnames became standardised Scudamore was frequently spelt SKUDAMORE or SKUDEMORE.

At the same time that Scudamore was increasingly adopted as a form of Skydmore, the written form SKIDMORE was becoming standard.

However, there are several variants of the Skidmore form of the surname which have arisen since the 17thC, some of which have standardised in the written form and are still in use:

SCIDMORE and SIDMORE developed from Skidmore in the US and are still found today.

SKIDGMORE or SKIDGEMORE was a form used alongside Skidmore in the small Cornwall branch of the family. This had standardised to Skidmore by the end of the 19thC in all but one family line that moved to Aberdeen.

SKIDSMORE was a variant used alongside Skidmore in the family which appear in the 17thC near to Stratford, Warwickshire. This had standardised to Skidmore by the 19thC.

SKINMORE was a form of Skidmore which arose at the end of the 19thC in a single family in Hackney, London. Occasionally in the 19thC we find the Hackney Skidmores recorded as Skitmore or Skipmore, no doubt a result of the way the London accent was heard by the recording clerk.

SKITMORE occurs in two distinct family lines.

It arose as a variant of Skidmore in the families of Oxfordshire. In the 18th century parish registers of Tackley and North Leigh the name is frequently found spelled Skitmore and occasionally Skipmore. The form Skitmore was retained by a few families into the 20th century

The Skitmore name arose also in the 19thC in the area around Little Ellingham in Norfolk, this form being retained by descendants living today.


The families in Gloucestershire who originated in Frampton Cotterell in the 17thC are interesting. There seems little doubt that the family in the 18thC and 19thC were generally known as Skidmore but the clergy of the parish persisted in using the surname Scudamore when recording baptisms, marriages and burials in the parish registers. However, from the day following the 1841 census, the clergy began to use the form Skidmore in the parish registers. In the following 50 years certain descendants of these families adopted the surname Scudamore, sometimes brothers of one family being known by the two different surnames. This confusing scenario is explained in detail in

The Skidmore and Scudamore Families of Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire 1650-1915.

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Sedgmore (sometimes found as Sidgmore or Segmond).

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is unfortunately not a fact, but an educated guess.

The scholarly reasoning can be found in

Some Notes on the Skidmore (Scudemer) Family in the 11th to the 14th Centuries in Southwest England

by Warren Skidmore 2010.